Do the different colors affect the mute's performance?

No, we offer a variety of colors so you can choose your favorite one, but all of our mutes perform equally well!

 Will the mute fit in my case inside the bell?

It will depend on your trombone/trumpet model and your case model. We have seen and tried hundreds of different combinations and it really fits inside what we think is a 90% of them. Anyway, we have created our mutes prioritizing how they perform. For us, this means that in the remote case it doesn't fit inside your case, it's really a small price to pay ;-) 

Does Rejano Mutes ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to everywhere in the world if you order through our website. But you might also want to check if any of our dealers is near you!

Does the Bass Trombone mute fit a French Horn?

Our Bass Trombone mute fits most of French Horns, except for those with a larger bell, like Conn horns, in which case you only have to indicate the one that you use once you purchase it (sending an email, for instance), and we will make sure to adjust the size of your mute's "cork" to perfectly fit your horn.

My mute doesn't want to stay inside the bell and keeps slipping out. Is something happening to my mute?

Not at all. Sometimes bells get too slippery for many reasons (oily, greasy...), and mutes (and especially this material) don't stay. Just try to clean the inside of the bell of your trombone with warm water and detergent. You can also use Windex, which works very well too.


This 3D printed mutes are new for me. Any advice on how to treat them?

Our mutes are made with a very special material that ensures the highest quality standards. Be aware that a hard hit will cause damage to your mute. Treat them with care ;)

How long will it take for my mute/s to be delivered?

To ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality, our mutes are made to order, taking the time and dedication to care about every single one of them. After the mute is ready, it will depend on the shipping option that you have chosen at the checkout page. We appreciate your patience while your mute is getting ready!

Anyway, if you are in a rush or have any special needs regarding the shipping, please let us know and we will try to help you in the best way we can!

How can I contact you? 

The fastest way to reach out is by writing an email. We usually get back to you very very fast!! You can use our "Contact" page or directly send a message to: